Minnesota Dance Medicine Foundation

Become A Member


 To apply to be a member of MDMF, please provide the following information.


  • Applicants should describe their professional and dance practice experience
  • Applicants should document the current number of direct dance practice hours in their specialty

Minimum Eligibility Requirements: please include

  • Interest Letter and Current CV
  • Descriptions of:

               o   Percentage of practice or work dedicated to dance and/or dance medicine

               o   Any contribution to science or research of dance medicine  

               o   Any contribution to teaching or training in dance or dance medicine

               o   Any relationship with dance company, studio, or team

  • Two letters of recommendation: one from a professional colleague and one from an owner, instructor, choreographer or coach of a dance studio or team.

Health Care Applicants:

     Clinical/Practical Contribution to Dance

Description/diagnosis of 2 dancer patients/clients who you treated in the previous 6 months.

Describe how your knowledge of dance improved your ability to treat the patient/client.

     Case Study – optional

Applicants are encouraged to submit one short case reflection demonstrating specialty practice in dance medicine or dance injury. This case study should be based on a patient/client seen within the last 2 years.


Applicants who are medical professionals must hold a current license to practice in Minnesota and are encouraged to be a current member of their national and local professional organizations.

     Proof of Liability Insurance

Applicants should carry their own personal Professional Liability Insurance as you will be treating as an independent contractor through MDMF. Reimbursement for part of this expense is an option if you volunteer work hours at the MDMF Free Clinic.

Fee Schedule

Applicants are required to pay annual membership fee at the time of being accepted as a Minnesota Dance Medicine Foundation member.

The request and materials to be reviewed are to be emailed to info@mndancemed.org