Minnesota Dance Medicine Foundation

Become A Member


 To apply to be a member of MDMF, please provide the following information.

  • Interest Letter
  • Current CV
  • Percentage of practice or work dedicated to dance or dance medicine.
  • Contribution to science or research of dance medicine.
  • Contribution to teaching or training in dance or dance medicine.
  • Relationship with dance studio or team.
  • TWO letters of recommendation from an owner, instructor, choreographer or coach of a dance studio, team.
  • All applicants must describe their dance practice experience.
  • Applicants must chart their experience by year to ensure that they meet requirements.
  • Applicants must document the number of direct dance practice/involvement hours in their specialty.

Clinical/practical Contribution to Dance

  • Description of clients who were dancers over the previous 3-6 months.
  • Please expand on how your knowledge of dance improved your ability to treat the patients

Case Study

  • Applicants must also submit one case reflection demonstrating specialty practice in dance medicine or dance injury. This case study should be based on a patient/client seen within the last two years.


  • Applicants who are physical therapists must hold a current license to practice in Minnesota and be members of the APTA.
  • Applicants who are athletic trainers must hold a current license to practice in Minnesota and be members of the NATA.

Fee Schedule

Applicants are required to pay annual membership fees of $200 at the time of being accepted as a Minnesota Dance Medicine member.


The request and materials to be reviewed are to be e-mailed to jennifermartin.pt@gmail.com or mailed to the following address:

The Minnesota Dance Medicine Foundation
Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts
528 Hennepin Avenue #602
Minneapolis, MN 55403